A sensitive and imaginative player
— No Depression

“I’m continually un-narrowing my scope of what I think music is and what I think bass playing is.” As a child, Ethan Jodziewicz was immersed in a macrobiotic philosophy, which he summarizes as “trying to model your approach to life after the largest known picture of the universe”. With a holistic approach to life and creativity, his curiosity for the intersection of humanity and musicianship has created a force in the world of music.


Jodziewicz briefly delved into a Consciousness Studies curriculum at The Evergreen State College in his hometown of Olympia, WA, but inspired to explore music with greater focus, he drove cross-country to study music at Ithaca College. His passionate investigation of the upright bass eventually led him to the Curtis Institute of Music, where he graduated with a Bachelor’s of Music while studying under Edgar Meyer and Hal Robinson. Whether in the studio or on the stage, Jodziewicz has honed the technical sensitivity to thrive in bluegrass, jazz, old-time, funk, symphonic and chamber music, along with a determination to push bass playing beyond its traditional role.

Throughout his musical life, Jodziewicz has especially nurtured an awareness of the physicality of playing his instrument. “I’m trying to look at the biggest picture of how my body works, and see what I can learn from the individual smaller motions that actually go into playing.” For Jodziewicz, that biggest picture also includes making time for his interests outside of his chosen instrument -- whether working on his Jeep, rock climbing, working in wilderness search and rescue, or cooking chicken soup while listening to Car Talk.

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Continually seeking inspiration outside the immediate field of bass and music has created a deep and dynamic player whose musical voice is now sought in many exciting collaborations. He is currently a band-member of GRAMMY-nominated duo The Milk Carton Kids, with whom he has toured the US and Canada, and performed on Jimmy Kimmel Live. This follows a four-year journey as a sideman with mandolin virtuoso Sierra Hull, including a fascinating role on her GRAMMY-nominated Weighted Mind album which featured arrangements built around Hull’s mandolin and Jodziewicz’s bass, produced by Bela Fleck. Jodziewicz’s passionate exploration of playing fiddle bowings on the upright bass is highlighted on a recorded collaboration with fiddler Tatiana Hargreaves. Jodziewicz is also a former touring and recording member of Mr. Sun (featuring Darol Anger), and spent several years performing with singer-songwriter Tenzin Chopak and various Ithaca-based string bands. He has shared the stage with Bela Fleck, David Grisman, Tony Trischka, Dr. Ralph Stanley, Turtle Island Quartet, Howard Levy, Time for Three, the Seattle and Indianapolis Symphony orchestras, and performed in venues as varied as Carnegie Hall and the Grand Ole Opry.

In addition to his work as a collaborator, studio musician, clinician, and musical director, Jodziewicz showcases a growing repertoire of original compositions and free improvisations-- spanning from jazz to fusion to funk-- in the Ethan Jodziewicz Group. With Jodziewicz on upright and electric bass, the group also features Mark Raudabaugh on drums, Mike Seal on guitar, and Aaron Walters on keyboards.

Ethan Jodziewicz currently lives in Nashville, TN.