Current Projects

 (photo courtesy of The Milk Carton Kids)

(photo courtesy of The Milk Carton Kids)

The Milk Carton Kids

After playing as a duo for nearly a decade, The Milk Carton Kids (Kenneth Pattengale and Joey Ryan) have added five more musicians to their touring band, and I am thrilled to be among them, playing upright and electric bass! Starting in June 2018, we will be touring in support of their new album All The Things That I Did And All The Things That I Didn't Do, out June 29. This is a fun group of wonderful musicians, great people, and great songs. We will be playing 30 or so shows in 2018, and many more next year! Full dates are on the Tour Dates page here.


Thorleif Davidsson &
Ethan Jodziewicz

A brand new duo project with one of the most talented diatonic harmonica players out there! Thor and I, after having met in passing several times for several years, finally got together at my place in Nashville early in 2017. The musical connection we made that day was exciting and promising, and we quickly hatched a plan to tour his home-country of Iceland later that spring. We strive to avoid any genre boundaries, and play everything from swing-era tunes to bebop, bluegrass, old-time, baroque, all strung together with a healthy dose of free-improvisation. Our other goal is to always tour in beautiful places and always build in time to hike, climb, and explore - Iceland was a good start! Look out for some more shows in 2018, and check out Thor on the road with the Icelandic rock band Kaleo!